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Acquisition Conversions Done With Acumen

We at Pacific Retail Construction specialize in acquisition conversion projects. We can convert or remodel your store according to your specifications and achieve your objectives in terms of looks, design, functionality, and structure.

From cosmetic updates to major structural reconfigurations, we can do everything to make your store reflect your brand image and core identity.

Our Team

Pacific Retail Construction has a number of electrical, HVAC, carpentry, construction, and installation professionals who form the core of our Program Rollout and Management field teams. Our employees have many years of experience in their chosen fields and take immense pride in their work. They have the necessary expertise and the vision to bring to life what is on the blueprint.

Thanks to our experience in the industry, which spans well over two decades, we have managed to build and maintain professional relationships with a number of vendors, suppliers, sub-consultants, and sub-contractors, all of whom are known for their work ethic.

It allows us to take up massive projects, which many other retail construction firms tend to avoid as they do not have access to such a large network of sub-contractors and professionals whom they can count on.

Our Approach to Work

We have worked with a large number of retailers over the years and have completed a variety of different acquisition conversion and store remodeling projects successfully. Whether it is a minor installation work or a massive remodeling project, our approach to work remains the same – we see each project as a challenge to prove our mettle as a team and as an opportunity to help you achieve your business objectives.

We try to understand the nature of your business, what separates you from your competition, and what your core business objectives are. Based on your input and directions, we work on your store, revamp its look and feel, and bring your ideas and vision to life as closely as possible. This is why we have managed to build a large base of happy and satisfied clients over the years.

What We Can Do

Cosmetic Updates

We specialize in cosmetic updates and decorative change-outs, through which we can change the look of your store radically and create a happy and exciting environment for your customers to shop at, eat, or spend time in. From head-turning window displays to captivating wall signage, we can set up a wide range of visual enhancements that can make passersby to walk into your store and your regular customers to spend more time in there.

Fixture and Fitting Installations

We can also modify and install a wide array of fixtures and fittings that can give your store a unique look. You can display your products in such a way that it will be the very first thing a potential customer notices when he or she walks into your store. If you are looking to rebrand your business and want your store to reflect your new identity, we can help you as well.

Millwork Modification & Installation

We provide millwork modification and installation services for all types of projects. From cabinets to countertops, wall panels, columns, ceilings, crown moldings, caseworks, and shelving, we can modify or install any kind of structure you want.

Physical Modifications

We can make physical modifications to your structure as well. It might be necessary in many cases – if the structure is in violation of building permits and zoning laws, if you want to change or modify certain aspects of the structure for improved safety, or if you simply do not like the way your store looks and want to change its look completely.

No matter what your reasons are, we can get it done faster and in a more efficient manner than any other general contractor.

The best part is that you can keep your store open while the construction work goes on in the background. We can work around your business schedule to mitigate any loss in revenue. So, in essence, you can take care of your work, while we take care of ours.

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