Integrated Project Delivery

At Pacific Retail Construction, our motto is to constantly look for ways to increase productivity and efficiency in construction projects, save time, money, and resources to the extent possible, and help you get more value for your investment.

We utilize collaborative project delivery mechanisms like Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) to deliver outstanding results on a consistent basis.


What is IPD?

IPD is a delivery model for construction projects wherein the key parties involved – the client, the design team, and the construction team – collaborate with each other to achieve optimal results.

In traditional project delivery methods, collaborative work culture is largely absent and the stakeholders are compartmentalized to a great extent. As a result, the relationship between the architect and the contractor, the supervisor and the laborer, and the client and the project manager is not amiable in most cases and downright adversarial in some.

The constant strife and the lack of collaboration take a toll on everyone involved in the project, which leads to unexpected delays, wasteful expenditure, and less-than-satisfactory results.

With IPD, these problems do not arise in the first place as it is a highly collaborative system where the participants not only work together as a team, but their interests are also well aligned.

So, there is no strife, no finger-pointing, and no going back and forth between various parties every time a decision needs to be taken. All the parties involved put their head together, discuss each aspect of the project, and make informed decisions, keeping in mind the end goal and the objectives that need to be achieved.


Integrated Project Delivery Services by Pacific Retail Construction

We discuss the project in detail with you to get a clear idea of your expectations, budget, and business objectives.

We strategize with all the parties involved including vendors, suppliers, architects, and contractors to make sure everyone understands the project’s end goal and objectives clearly and are on the same page. This helps us set realistic, achievable goals for each phase of the project.

We operate online right from the inception of the project until its completion for increased transparency and visibility. All the project related data are stored in a password protected file on the web and everyone involved in the project can access it any time they want. Any time there is a change in plan, everyone is notified of it immediately.

There is a continued flow of information and exchange of ideas among all the participants, which prevents misunderstandings, simplifies the decision making process, and makes it easier for everyone to work towards the same goal.

Our IPD team makes sure that the architects, engineers, and the contractors are aware of your priorities and goals at every stage of the project. We work closely with everyone to ensure they deliver what they need to, when they need to, at each stage. We make sure that nobody takes their eyes off the ball until the project gets completed successfully.


Time Savings, Value Addition, and Increased Efficiency

Our construction management platform highlights key performance indicators, which we review with you on a weekly basis to update you on our progress and to set a baseline for continuous improvement. We remove unwanted steps and overlapping processes to save time and increase efficiency. We apply the concept of Value Engineering and use alternative materials and construction strategies that can help you save money and time.

Right from the inception, we have a clear idea as to what to deliver, when to deliver it, and how to deliver it. We encourage various stakeholders to work closely with each other as a team to achieve the collective goal. As a result, we are able to execute the plan seamlessly – be it a single location or hundreds of places – and deliver results that surpass your expectations.