Restaurant Construction

Restaurant Construction , Remodeling and Renovation

Over the years – Pacific Retail Construction has built or remodeled many restaurants throughout Las Vegas, California and around the region. We have taken great measures to ensure our employees, subcontractors, and vendors have extensive restaurant construction knowledge.

Las Vegas Restaurant Construction, Remodeling and Renovation

Our experience as a national restaurant general contractor ranges from specialty fine dining to quick-serve or fast food restaurants. From large and national to small and local, our project portfolio includes family owned and franchise or corporate restaurant chains. Our top priority when working with our clients is to ensure that the project accurately reflects their vision. We pride ourselves on being able to implement the vision of customers of varying levels of construction knowledge, from those who only have an idea to those who have completed designs.

Our team of architects, builders, and contractors has experience with all aspects of restaurant construction and are knowledgeable of all of the regulations restaurants are required to meet. From the walk-in refrigerator to the color of the bathroom, our professionals are dedicated to ensuring every portion of your restaurant complies with the necessary codes.

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